EMS Book Review: Paramedic Buff to Burnt by George Steffensen

To catch myself up with the , this is my second book for March.  I thoroughly enjoyed the process of reading by George Steffensen (ISBN #1419602616). Yes, it’s a process.  More on that in a second.  Steffenson presents approximately fifty short chapters that outline some of the most memorable calls of his career. At the time he wrote the book, Steffensen was a street medic in New York City.  He is currently working as a paramedic in East Baton Rouge, a move he decided to make when his previous employer ceased operations.

Few book reviewers would suggest that readers “go see the movie” before reading any given title, but this is exactly what I’ll suggest to you.  In saying that, I actually mean two things.  First, listen to with Paramedic Greg Friese of .  In that talk, he explains that he wrote and self-published the book after actors Nicolas Cage and Tom Sizemore did ride-along’s with his agency in preparation for their roles in the EMS-themed film, “.”  Steffensen could see that the film would be a macabre portrayal of the profession he loved, so his wrote the book to show all the positive work he and his peers were doing in EMS.  With about $800 of his own money (and probably countless hours of off-duty time), he self-published the book through , a subsidiary of Amazon.com.

 My second suggestion before reading the Steffensen’s book is to see, “.”  As a side note, it isn’t a good first-date movie, nor is it kid-friendly.  I think Director Martin Scorsese put together an excellent film; but just like Steffensen, I’d be a little offended if it was essentially portraying me “on my home turf.”

 After this, you’ll be ready to sit down and enjoy reading .  Each chapter is a short narrative of a noteworthy call from Steffensen’s career.  EMS providers will recognize the author more or less follows a SOAP format of writing.  Steffensen freely admits that he’s no writer, but I still give him a lot of credit for going straight from medic to author in a single leap.

 If you’re into the research, management, or motivational aspects of EMS, this title probably won’t do it for you.  But, if you’re a field provider who enjoys reading about some truly crazy calls, this book is for you.  It is proof that every field provider has a story to tell, and that story is well within our abilities to write and self-publish.  So read the book, and start thinking of the story you have to tell the world!

5 Thoughts on “EMS Book Review: Paramedic Buff to Burnt by George Steffensen

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    • Looks like you have earned the albhepat soup of EMS credentials and are passing on your experience and expertise to your students. Good for you!! Congratulations on being named a Star of Life.

  2. I think it is so interesting that you are such a great pardemaic who is interested in such a potentially injurious sport. My mentor in EMS, Dan Netski who was one of the first pardemaics in the Las Vegas, Nevada system also dallied in the sport. He taught me to drive ambulances. Ha. Congratulations for being named a Star of Life!

  3. I would hope George reads this, I just purchased two of his books and they arrived signed with a personal note. I would like to say thanx so much. Being a former MOS having been assigned to the old Cumberland Hospital outpost from 1986 – 1990, before rolling to NYPD, I was drawn to your books not just by the subjects but a reminence of a George Steffens, I think he was a chief or captain back then,LOL. I know he is not you but it brought back so many great memories. I know I will enjoy these books and thanx sooo much. Mike Fagan EMSS1 sta. 36, Fort Green Brooklyn NY.

  4. OOPS, sorry George, it was Mark Steffens, yeah , ok , i’m not losing it. LOLOLOL.

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